Kachumbari :: Gazpacho Style

Kachumbari, this Kenyan salsa is quite popular and is served with different meals like Ugali, chapati even with githeri. With this recipe, I am adapting my amazing and wonderful Dr. Maria Asis’ gazpacho recipe to my mother’s kachumbari recipe. Dr. Asis reminded me of Gazpacho on a hot summer day. It was a wonderful to make it and enjoy it in America myself. I had and craved gazpacho many times while I was studying in Spain because it is very popular in Granada, Madrid and Barcelona, all places I visited or lived in a few years back. Here’s the adaptation/combination of the two recipes:


5 Tomatoes

½ bunch of Cilantro

½ Onion

1Tbsp. Red Vinegar

1 Red Pepper

1 Green Pepper

½ cup Olive Oil

½ Tsp. Cumin Powder

V-8 Juice [optional]

Pinch of Salt



Chop all the vegetable ingredients

Mix them together and add the salt, pepper, cumin and olive oil.


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