About Wambui

Hi – My name is Wambui. I love to cook and I am inspired by fresh, colorful and seasonal produce. I enjoy cooking for family, friends, plus babies now, and get lots of joy from good food and good company. The cooking challenge for me is to improve my cooking skills one recipe at a time, especially using ingredients I grew up with. The result is great food in my home that is tested for healthy variation and deliciousness. As such, the purpose of this blog is to share yummy and healthy recipes with you.

Growing up in Kenya, our meals were fairly ordinary; meat, a veggie and a carbohydrate of sorts (plus extra tomatoes) but always healthy, hearty and tasty. Measuring ingredients has never been my thing; when friends would ask me how to prepare a certain dish; I mostly never had precise measurements. Over time, I’ve been changing that – slowly especially because I know it will help you if you decide to (and I hope you do) make a recipe from here.

I like to travel and have lived in 4 countries including my home Kenya — America, Spain, and Cote D’Ivoire. My recipes tend to be inspired by my travels. Additionally, I have always found food; both cooking and eating to be unifying no matter what country one is in.

Most cooking I do is for love, especially love for the husband, baby, family, friends and cardamom! I find any reasonable excuse to use cardamom. I also really like passion fruit, limes & lemons, cocoa, potatoes, cilantro, kale, coconut water, and the list continues. My recipes will mostly be original, adaptations or family favorites.

Join me – let’s enjoy cooking and eating! Plus, I’d like to hear from you so please provide feedback in the comments.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michele Cogley says:

    Love the layout, and photos! Looking forward to reading more of your recipes also!


    1. Wambui says:

      Thank you. I’ve changed the layout a few times in an effort to have content and food pictures visible in a simple format and this layout worked well.


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